Defiance is the story of three Jewish brothers who avoided capture and death at the hands of the Nazis and helped thousands of Jews escape the Nazis by setting up a village in the Belarussian forest.

The story focuses on the three Bielski brothers and their efforts to either save Jews or fight the Nazis.  Tuvia Bielski (Daniel Craig) is the apparant leader of the brothers and the refugees although eventually has some from his brother, Zus Bielski (Liev Schreiber).  Tuvia is more concerned with the rescuing of more Jewish refugees while Zus wants revenge and ends up joing Soviet forces to figh the Nazis.  The movie contained very little action, however, despite many intense scenes in the previews that led me to beleive there would be much more action.

The acting in Defiance was above average although I feel like Daniel Craig is playing the same type of badass character in all of his movies since Casino Royale.  Maybe that suits him, though, because he does an excellent job at being a badass.

Defiance does an excellent job of taking a well known and over-commercialized subject such as World War II and creating something original and compelling.  And based on a true story, no less.


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