Does anybody make a working product anymore?

Maybe it’s just me but I’m sick of getting new electronics and software only to realize it sucks.  First editions of things are no longer the smart thing to buy.  Windows Vista was and still is hated because of it’s poor and rocky launch.  Vista had security problems, performance problems, not to mentioned a fucking obnoxious box that appeared every time you tried to launch a program.  The iPhone 3G with version 2.0 software was bugger.  VERSION 2.0 WAS BUGGY!  That’s a bad fucking sign when your second full version of software is buggy.  WTF Apple?  The BlackBerry Storm–buggy.  Computer games are routinely realeased with bugs and are patched at later dates.

RIM CEO (this part is from Engadget) recently stated that buggy launches are a “new reality” for smartphone launches.  What?!  A CEO of a company says releasing software that doesn’t really work is a “reality”?! When I buy a product I expect it to work.  Without problems.  If the brakes didn’t work on my car because the ECU was a bit buggy I’d be a bit fucking dead.  OK, I might have overreacted to that, cars and phones are two different things, I understand that, when I see a car and phone next to each other I can point out which is which almost immediately.  But still, it’s the principle of the matter.  I wish people could just make a product right the first time.

Alright.  I’m done, my soapbox broke.


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