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A Re-inventing

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2009 by nrgent

Because I don’t actually want to blog for a living (sorry prof.–as if you’ll ever come back to read these) and would rather have a blog just for myself to keep a journal and for the occasional poor sap who presses “random blog” and comes across mine, I’ve decided to re-invent my blog as a personal account (I know, we’re all sick of this shit) of what happens with me.  While I know my writing will neither be as interesting or good as the major blogs [read: Tucker Max] I will do my best to make this entertaining for readers.  All my previous posts (which were related to jack shit–mostly some tech news and a class assignment) are going to be deleted soon and this blog will be re-invented.

First off–I had a vivid dream a couple of nights ago about the world ending.  While I can’t recall all the details I wish I could (because I’m sure this dream is a sign of something to come….like the end of the world) I do recall the general gist of the dream.  The sky was pretty black/blue and very cloudy, although you could tell the sun was above the clouds somewhere.  Then tornadoes started appearing all around the sky, maybe twenty within my view.  I was somewhere on the prairie, close to a corn field, so I could see quite a bit of sky.  I was chillin’ with a friend and as soon as we realized the world was ending we started to walk down the road but for some reason machine guns started being fired from the sky (I swear I don’t do drugs) and shot me in the left shoulder and pretty much killed me.  I made a comment to my friend about telling someone (name kept prive) that “I loved her” but then immediately said “no, wait, don’t.”  And then I woke up and realized it was noon and that I needed to get some lunch with the ‘ex.

That’s the second dream I’ve had recently about getting shot at/getting shot.  I hope that’s not a sign.